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"Europe - the illusion of the nation-state, the European faith in justice and bureaucracy"

"Europa is not a larp where you can expect to be entertained."

Our aim is to make you think.

We serve problems, not solutions. Our reception centre is built on thorough research, the characters on real destinies, the conflicts on the model of former Yugoslavia. We invite you to role-play upon suffering, pride and hatred, to give your co-participants an inspired interpretation of your character and the themes Europa is built upon. Europa is not a larp where you can expect to be entertained.

On a more abstract level, the reception centre is a metaphor for the continent, Europe - the illusion of the nation-state, the European faith in justice and bureaucracy, and the consequences of these - especially as reflected in contemporary European refugee politics. This "abstract level" will influence the larp, through scenography and character work, and it should also be reflected in the players' initiative.

Our method is immersion.

We invite you to role-play intensely, emotionally, personally - but low-key, with the drama developing through whispers and prayers rather than screams and grand scenes. We will be experimenting with introspective techniques to achieve character immersion, and use mini-larps and interviews as tools in character development. Each player will work with an instructor to define and flesh out the character.

Asylum seekers and reception centres have become permanent, but little known, features in the European states. "Europa" is an opportunity to see these institutions from the inside, at a worst-case-scenario reception centre.

Our medium is LARP.

Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) is a form of improvisational theatre without audience, where every participant pretends to be another person (the character), within a predetermined society for the duration of the event. LARP is seen by some, us including, as a new art form, with a vast potential. We will be experimenting a lot with the medium during our work with Europa.

Europa will be so different from traditional LARP - it is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage to have participated in a LARP before. If you find the concept exciting, you are welcome to participate.

A Nordic event.

Europa is intended as a Nordic event, and less than half of the players will be from Norway. Participants will generally play characters of their own ethnic and regional backgrounds - Finns will play Finns, Finland Swedes will play Finland Swedes etc. The conflicts in the Nordic countries have been between these groups, and at the LARP - there will be racism and hatred between people who today only tell jokes about each other.

We do not, however, consider your colour of skin or your parents nationality to be relevant when determining your characters ethnicity. If you're of an immigrant background, it's your choice if you want to bring this into the larp or not.

"The Nordic Troubles" were a series of wars between the traditional ethnic groups of the Nordic countries. This may seem absurd, but so did the notion of the wars on the Balkans before they began.

The illustrations on this page are electronically altered for use on the Europa website. Original photography copyright © 1996, 2000 Jim Bartlett of Berserkistan. Used with permission.

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