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A LARP about the
cruelty of Europe

The Sourcebook is out & on the web!

Click here to download. The sourcebook contains world info, vision, chapters on roleplaying and final practical information.
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Infoletter #1 is out!

Infoletter #1 contains everything worth knowing about Europa - including answers to questions like "Is the LARP full?" and "when can I start developing my character?"

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    Weltschmerz #2 : Europa

    Weltschmerz is an Oslo-based network of artists and LARP organisers who aim at bringing you intense LARP experiences from our own world, now.

    Our second slice of the world is Europa, an asylum reception centre in Orsinia - a peaceful, wealthy, fictional state somewhere on the Balkans. The Nordic countries are left wrecked and traumatised by the "Nordic conflicts" - a series of wars worse than those that hit former Yugoslavia in the 1990's.

    The characters of our drama are refugees from these conflicts. Having applied for political asylum in Orsinia, they spend their days awaiting an answer at the isolated reception centre, sharing the fleeting dreams and real nightmares of Europe.

    You can read more about Europa in the vision and facts sections.

  • News & Updates

    Sourcebook added 14.2.01 - final revisions to the website. See you there. Or at Knutepunkt.

    Country sections added 21.12 with practical info about who to contact, payment and travel to Europa.

    Read more about The Nordic Troubles. 30.11.00 - by popular demand.

    The Europa Flyer is online, so you can print and copy your own. It's basically a condensed version of the text you find on this website. You need the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

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    Roleplaying section added 23.10.2000. Thus - all the information we wanted people to have is finally on the web. Please take your time and browse through it all.

    Character section added 19.10.2000. Updates on most pages, especially in the organisers section.

    We have a location - Skjeggelia, close to Oslo, which has been used for at least two LARPs before.

    Website revised and updated 15.09.2000. We are now open for enrollment.

    New date: Europa will begin 10:00 Saturday 24. February, and end at the evening of Wednesday 28. February. Knutepunkt, the annual nordic LARP convention will begin the day afer - Thursday 1st of march.

    This website is often updated. Bookmark it, and return often! Contact us at :

  • Thou shalt leave everything beloved most dearly;
    and this is the arrow which the bow of exile first shoots.
    Thou shalt prove how the bread of others savors of salt,
    and how the descending and the mounting of another's stairs is a hard path.

    - Dante Alighierei, Paradise, Canto XVII

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