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Fact Sheet

Duration: 4 days, beginning at 10:00 saturday 24/2, 2001 ending at late evening wednesday. 28/2.
(If you don't live in Oslo, we recommend coming on Friday and spending the night in Oslo, or with an early flight or train. Knutepunkt, the annual Nordic LARP festival, begins the afternoon of Thursday 1. March)

Maximum number of participants: 80.

Last chance for signing on: check the page for you country.

Age limit: 18 years.

Price: check the page for you country.

Location: Europa will be held at at least two different locations, an area for prologue and preparations and the reception centre. The reception centre will be built at Lunde, in Vestby, 45 minutes south of Oslo.

Nordic participants are welcome to play refugees from their respective countries. Europa is held right before Knutepunkt, the annual Nordic LARP festival, which on March 1st-4th 2001 will be in Oslo.

Europa is made according to the rules of the Dogme 99 Vow of Chastity.

The illustrations on this page are electronically altered for use on the Europa website. Original photography copyright © 1996, 2000 Jim Bartlett of Berserkistan. Used with permission.

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