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"Europa will be physically and psychologically demanding."

Before you enroll, you should consider the following:

Europa will be physically and psychologically demanding.
At Europa; you may experience bad or too little food, lack of sleep, cold or heat, being interrogated by police and shouted at by others. Nothing worse than what refugees experience in real life, though.
If you are suffering from depressions, post-traumatic stress syndrome or similar we would advise against participating at Europa.

We demand of our participants that they focus on role-playing.
We do not expect you to be "experienced" in LARP or theatre - that's not important. What is important is that you spend time, thought and energy on developing the character and playing the character.

We demand that you put LARP conventions aside.
This only applies to people who have been involved in larping before. After participating in a few larps, you get a certain impression of what "larp is" or what "always happens at a larp" or "what you have to do to have a cool larp". Please forget all this, pretend that you've never been to a larp before - and listen carefully to what we have to say about the larps vision and our method of larping.

After the LARP has begun, we will do nothing to entertain or activate you.
There will be a minimum of narrative instructions and intrigues. The organisers' job is to prepare you as best we can to play your character in the given setting. After the larp begins, you're entirely on your own.

Participating in Europa will kost you NOK 800,- (EUR 100,-)
This must be paid before December 1st, 2000 - and will not be normally be refunded after this date. There is an upper limit of 80 participants - if too many wish to participate, places will usually go to the people who have paid first. For delayed payments (i.e. after December 1st) the price NOK 1200,- - a 50% increase.

We reserve the right to deny participation
Participation will be denied, at our discretion, to people we deem unfit to participate. As we're actually hoping for a cruel, depressive event we'll take no chances. But we prefer trusting players to read carefully through the vision, and make their own judgement.

Enrollment form

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Write some lines about yourself:
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Write some lines about why you're signing on and which expectations you have for Europa:

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Do you have any ideas/suggestions for the character you'll play?:
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Orsinian Characters

All "normal" characters will be refugees from the Nordic countries. If you're going to play one of these, you can skip this section. We also need some players for Orsinian nationals. Police characters will belong to the Russian minority in Orsinia. Reception centre personell will belong to the majority population - who speak "Orsinian" a language simulated at our LARP by either Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian. If you're interested in one of these, check the appropriate box below.
Reception Centre Personell (requires fluency in "Orsinian" - i.e. Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian)
Police (requires fluency in Russian)
Interpreter (requires fluency in one or both "Orsinian" languages)
I'm only enrolling to play an Orsinian, not a refugee.

Name(s) of player(s) you'd like to LARP with:
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