Europa sourcebook downloads

You may need to right-klick on the link and choose "save as" or "save target as" in order to download.

Complete booklet in PDF format:
eurosoucebook.PDF - All of it as single A5 pages (2,2 MB)
eurosoucebook2s.PDF - All of is as 2 A5 pages on a "landscape" A4 page (2,2 MB)

(Click here to download the newest version of Acrobat reader)

All chapters in Rich Text Format (.RTF) without illustrations
eurochap_I.RTF - Foreword and Vision
eurochap_II.RTF - Abstract
eurochap_1.RTF - Roleplaying
eurochap_2.RTF - On the Run
eurochap_3a.RTF - Wars part 1
eurochap_3b.RTF - Wars part 2 (chronology)
eurochap_3c.RTF - Wars part 3
eurochap_4.RTF - Under siege
eurochap_5.RTF - Practical information

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