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Europa is organised through the Weltschmerz network. The network model in practice means that a large number of people will be involved in organising the LARP - contributing in their specialised areas. The list below is by no means final, and will not be until the LARP is over.

Concept & PR


Eirik Fatland


Irene Tanche


Jannicke Krogh

Prologues & Kickoff

Attila Evang

Characters & instructors

Heidimarie Evensen


E. Cath Røsseland


Annika Evensen

Web programming: Magnus Alvestad.
Instructors: Ines Saracevic, Kristin Hammerås, Emil Boss, Johanna Koljonen, Hilde Bryhn, Pia Niemi, Mike Pohjola, Cecilia Heikel, Pia Basballe, Lars Munck, Gabriel Widing, Anders Ohlson, Hanne Grasmo

Film : Martin Jørgensen, Erlend Eidsem Hansen, Attila Steen-Hansen, Petter Ellingsen
Photography: Sakari Jäntti, Heidimarie Evensen
Music: Gustav Holberg, Jens Christian Andreassen
Scenography: Rune Haugen, Maria Franz, Ivan Galuzin, Frederick Howard, Kyrre Karlsen
Consultants: Pål Hagenæs (refugee issues), Astrid Solgaard (drama and instructor training), Janne Askholt (refugee issues).

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